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Imagine travelling to another country, walking into a large shop and finding a selection of only twelve dvds for sale.  Not only that, most of them are in black and white and were made over 60 years ago!  You then find a back alley with a small shop that has 100’s of  dvds - all of them bang up to date.  


This is the situation in the UK with board games.  Last year there were over 500 new games released in Germany, some of which sold hundreds of thousands of copies.  Even supermarkets have a good selection of these games in some European countries.


‘Euro games’, as they are sometimes called, tend to be quick (play in an hour or less), involving (simultaneous player planning, player interaction) and with interesting themes (canoeing down Niagara searching for gems, chickens fighting over worms on a barbeque).


Most importantly, the mechanics of these games are light years ahead of  the ‘roll and move’ method that is almost never used anymore.  Instead, they might use auctioning, tile placing, control mats or one of the many other methods used to drive a game.