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You are Spellbound. As a novice mage leaving the Tower for the first time, you thought you were invincible. Taking on evil Baba Yaga the Witch was, perhaps, not a good idea. Her hands became a blur, her mouth moved and her spell hit you between the eyes. It was 2 days before you woke up, 4 days before you could speak and 7 days before you remembered your name. No whisky was even involved.  Parts of your body have been enlarged. And some shrunk. Shoes are going to be expensive for sometime. The less said about your nose the better. It is now time to take matters into your own (now quite large) hands.

You need to act now. The Witch grows ever stronger. Skeletons and goblin spider-riders are not traditionally known for their sense of humour. Can you recover the spellbooks, defeat the Witch and her allies and have bards sing your praises for evermore ?

It is a time for justice. A time for change. A time for heroes. With big feet. And big noses. Spellbound….the story is yours for the telling…...


Spellbound is co-operative, deckbuilding game. It is playable in 1 hour and is for 1-4 players.  

We have increased our run to 1,250 so that we can guarantee 1,000 copies for pre-order. Last year we sold out 900 copies very quickly. Note – this is an English language edition due to some of the cards having English text. German rules will be made available with card translations.



PRE_ORDERS NOW FINISHED! Al 1000 preorders taken in 6 days!

Note- there will still be a small number of games left to be sold at Essen Spiel.

We will not know the exact figure until we recieve the games at the show.


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